Posted by CruelValentine on April 9, 2015

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Upcoming Performance Dates

09/26/2015 Guilty Pleasures at LIVE in Ann Arbor, MI

10/02/2015 Defund THIS! A Benefit for Planned Parenthood IL at The Call in Chicago, IL

10/07/2015 No-Tell Cabaret at Debonair Social Club in Chicago, IL

10/15/2015 Private Engagement in Chicago, IL

10/16/2015 Jeez Loueez Presents The Hot Box at The Promontory in Chicago, IL

10/23/2015 Engagement Pending... Stay Tuned!

10/24/2015 Pervesk Goes to Hell at Uptown Underground in Chicago, IL

10/31/2015 Pervesk Goes to Hell at Uptown Underground in Chicago, IL

11/06/2015 The Vertical Side Show at Berlin in Chicago, IL

11/13/2015 Private Engagement in Chicago, IL

11/21/2015 Guilty Pleasures: Queen Edition at Bona Sera in Ypsilanti, MI

11/25/2015 Engagement Pending... Stay Tuned!

12/31/2015 Engagement Pending... Stay Tuned!

03/11/2016 Jeezy's Juke Joint at The Promontory in Chicago, IL

03/12/2016 Jeezy's Juke Joint at The Promontory in Chicago, IL

What the people are saying...

"Cruel Valentine is all right by me. I'd just like to grab my crotch and say 'I've got your Cruel Valentine right here." - Burlesque Legend and Queen of the Fire Tassels, Satan's Angel

"Cruel Valentine is like the John Lennon of 2013." - Kitty LaRue

"...I have to say my fave of the night was Cruel Valentine. I was smiling and crying all at the same time. [She is] so so beautiful. Just sitting here typing this I am smiling. [She is] a breath of fresh air everything [she touches] should just burst into bloom. A heart of gold, a smile as wide as they come, and eyes that shine with wonderment. [Her] love of burlesque shows and shines wherever [she steps]. I love [her] larger than life stance, [and her] childish grin, filled with just the right amount of devilish whimsy." - Gabriella Maze, "The Body That Won't Quit", Burlesque Legend

"Cruel Valentine has custom created two burlesque performances for me to dance in front of my boyfriend. Even though it can be nerve-wracking, she has been able to pull my sensuality out and my beauty. She balances fun, professionalism and charisma, and I admire her talent as a dancer/artist, as well as her essence as a woman." - Maca Navas

"As a volunteer for Texas Burlesque Festival, I have seen Ms. Valentine work some serious fierceness onstage. Her most recent at the 2013 festival had me out of my seat, screaming in delight.

Not only is she gorgeous, she can make a crowd go wild with her moves! Sultry, sexy and fierce is how I would describe her best.

Having also had the pleasure of purchasing a pair of my favorite pasties from her, I have also gotten to have many conversations as well. A sharp mind, great business sense and a sense of humor that keeps you going.

I was very ill this past festival and missed her crowd winning performance but had the pleasure of its replay on competition night and watched the DVD multiple times.

If you want a performer with beauty, brains and a great booty, SHE is who you want to see!" - Kat AKA Kosmo Naughty