How do these things stay on, anyway?

So glad you asked! You can purchase my signature pastie tape here! It’s my preferred adhesive for my performance life, and has gotten me through nearly 9 years of professional performance, touring, and modeling. This tape adheres more strongly as your body heat warms it, so it’s perfect for even the most active and hot-blooded of wearers. Just tear or cut off a few strips, press them around the back edges of each pastie, then remove the paper backing and press the pasties firmly to the breast area. Be sure to hold them in place for a few moments with your hands, or simply by putting on a bra, to ensure maximum hold. This tape is also a great quick fix for securing low-cut tops into place, or even to temporarily mend damaged hems and seams. Many factors can affect what adhesive will work best for any given person. Different skin types tend to favor different types of adhesives, and personal preference is a huge factor, as well. Always make sure that your breast area is clean, dry, and free of any lotions or moisturizers before you attempt to put on pasties. Some other preferred methods for adhesion include spirit gum, medical adhesive, carpet tape, and wig tape. I encourage you to experiment to find out which method works best for you!