Okay, then how do they come off when the fun is over?

My signature pastie tape stays on when you want it to, but is easily removable. Pull up the edge of the pastie and slowly, steadily peel away from the skin. For a little extra support, you may want to press down on the breast right next to the area you’re peeling back from. Some people have more sensitive breasts than others, and many factors can increase breast and nipple tenderness, such as PMS, HRT, pregnancy, nursing, piercings, etc. If your nipples are feeling sensitive, don’t worry! Sliding a moistened cotton swab underneath the edge of your pasties and gently swabbing as you remove them can help ease the process even more. Nursing balms, cocoa butter, and other nutrient rich moisturizers are great for treating sensitive areas after you take your pasties off, too!