About Cruel Valentine

Known as “Chicago’s Own Community Chest”, Cruel Valentine is an award-winning, international burlesque entertainer, adult film performer, Dominatrix, actor, dancer, writer, and artist, Valentine began performing the art of burlesque in 2007. Since then, they have spent the past several years performing their way across the nation and abroad, racking up multiple awards and honors. Valentine is an independent performer, producer, and teacher of burlesque, as well as an adult performer with The Lust Garden, featured on Pink Label. CruelValentine.com is your go-to for all things Valentine, including a line of professional-grade pasties, vintage pin-up couture, and other titillating burlesque accessories. In addition to touring and teaching privately, Valentine has worked as a board member with several Chicago performance art organizations, as well as offering business consulting services to alternative, creative, and adult companies. Their teaching credits include various educational and speaking engagements both domestically and abroad, including workshops at the collegiate level at several of Chicago’s major universities, covering a wide range of topics including dance instruction, higher education, business, sexual health, sex worker rights, and more. With extensive experience in theatre, music, and dance, Cruel Valentine is a triple threat and then some, fusing multiple styles in their performances. A dedicated storyteller, they are never afraid to go there, or to make a mess with their art.

For booking, press, or other inquiries, please contact info@CruelValentine.com or fill out this handy contact form!

Learn from Cruel Valentine

Private Lessons and Creative Business Consulting Services

Cruel Valentine offers private and group virtual burlesque lessons! The curriculum is tailored exactly to fit students’ needs, abilities and goals. Whether you’re looking for a fun and basic burlesque themed workout, a novice seeking a boot camp to prepare you for your burlesque debut, or a seasoned performer seeking strength and flexibility training or choreography consultation, Valentine can create a custom class to suit you! Rates begin at $60/hour for individuals. Learn more and book here.

Additionally, Cruel Valentine offers their creative business expertise and career development experience in the form of one-on-one consultations with artists and small business owners looking to cement and grow their brand’s reach, success, and sustainability. In addition to assisting with everything from getting your business name registered, to sorting out self-employment and sales tax, Valentine also lends their recruitment and HR knowledge to those seeking work as well as those hiring for jobs, by full cycle recruitment assistance for small and niche businesses, and offering resume overhauls and mock interview services to those in the job market. Learn more and book here.